Digital Learning & Performance Support Capabilities Statement


We develop state-of the art digital learning experiences, performance support and knowledge management systems to meet organizational business objectives.

Getting Started

A favorite place of ours is when a project is just a gleam in your eye. Setting a project up for success by how it is defined, positioned, presented, staffed, managed and supported is a science and an art.

No one sweats the details like we do. Period.

We approach each challenge with excitement and a deep commitment to success.

Content Development

Well versed in learning theory and educational technology and with an exceptional background in content analysis and creative instructional design, we can bring a lot to the table.

Adept at distilling complex subject matter to its understandable essence; skilled at structuring personalized learning experiences.

Legal, Regulatory, Policy, Operational Procedures and Processes

Expert at legal, regulatory, policy, procedure and process analysis, writing, editing, research, citation interweaving into instruction and massive link maintenance resulting in powerful knowledge management applications.

Total Quality Management (TQM)

TQM - we're interested in every aspect of it. We use Educational TQM to make sure objectives are being met.

Relentless alpha, beta, pre-final and final testing to engineer out the problems before the desk reference, course, tutorial, module, assessment or knowledge repository is fielded.

And you should know that we are simply notorious for our work ethic, craftsmanship and our TQM.

Project Management

Logistics, event planning, project communications, resource mobilization and performance indicators are priorities for a successful project launch.

Interested in a way to keep the momentum going? Look to our roll-out planning for some nifty ideas and the ability to make it happen!

Let us show you...

Where have we been?

Development of efficient and effective distributed learning, high quality instructional software and knowledge repositories in both the public and private sectors.

Where are we going?

Directly to the best and most advanced techniques for performance improvement.

Fantastic Possibilities

We have but one goal - individual and organizational performance improvement!