Know Net/Know Net 2™ Project Details

Agile Development and Head Turning Cost Efficiencies

McKirchy & Company was awarded the initial contract after a national competition.

As prime contractor, we were responsible for design, development, executive and working group presentations, stakeholder review, deployment and help desk support of the Know Net/Know Net 2™ projects Governmentwide.

We worked with eleven major Federal Agency's top, middle and first line management as well as Subject Matter Experts (SME), Federal employees from across Government and Federal contractors.

The project dealt with complex legal, regulatory and operational procedures and processes in Acquisition, Finance, Grants, Logistics and Small Business.

We focused on knowledge management structure, portal development and content identification, acquisition and conversion from legacy sources in hard copy, PowerPoint, slides and video as well as interviews with Subject Matter Experts (SME) and Working Groups.

We identified and linked law, regulation, policy and guidance at the Federal and Agency levels directly to the content managing several hundred thousand links and generating a one-stop shop for knowledge acquisition in key functions of the Federal Government. Work required the ability to locate, analyse, interpret and connect law, regulation, policy and guidance citations and write instructional content compliant with a complex regulatory framework.

We were awarded numerous small, medium and large follow-on contracts over the next sixteen years due to the quality of our work.


The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services named Know Net a Demonstration Project under Executive Order 13111 in 1999.

Know Net quickly went from being a policy shop project to a Departmental project and then to a Governmentwide Project relied upon daily by thousands of Federal employees, contractors, grantees and citizens.

Know Net utilized a novel approach to governance by providing a direct, timely, usable, and auditable connection between law, regulation, policy, and guidance and Agency management down through bench level practitioners (Federal employees, contractors and grantees) generating a significant cost, performance and capability improvement in accountability and in the delivery of:

Know Net focused on Acquisition, Finance, Grants, Logistics and Small Business fielding knowledge management, performance support and e-learning through its desk references and training courses heavily interwoven with legal and regulatory citations in numerous bodies of knowledge in each function.

Know Net Partners and Supporters

The development of Know Net was supported through financial and in-kind resource allocations from the following Know Net Partners and Supporters:

  • Department of Energy
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Department of Health and Human Services and its Operating Divisions
  • Department of Navy
  • Department of State
  • Department of Treasury
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • General Services Administration
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • Social Security Administration.

As a knowledge management, e-Learning and Performance Support project, Know Net's creation was unprecedented in that hundreds of senior, middle and bench level Federal professionals from both Civilian and Military Agencies across Government provided their expertise and worked to make Know Net accurate, complete, reliable and effective. Line, staff, program, legal and policy review was done, was constantly sought and was always welcome.

Because of this, Know Net pioneered a living community of practice long before digital communities of practice began. Participants thought and acted on a Federal basis, not just an Agency or Departmental basis. Knowledge was assembled, developed, vetted and maintained by the participants because the participants cared deeply that knowledge should be available to all 24/7.

Know Net Recognitions

Know Net was recognized several times for its innovation and quality:

  • 2007 Innovations in American Government
  • Know Net was nominated by the Department of Energy for The 2007 Innovations in American Government Award presented by the Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation and the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University in partnership with the Council for Excellence in Government. This award, now in its 20th year, is heralded as the premier public-sector honor in the nation.

  • Grace Hopper Leadership in Technology Award
  • 2002 Know Net was nominated for the 2002 Grace Hopper Leadership in Technology Award sponsored by Government Executive Magazine. The Government Technology Leadership Awards program recognized federal projects making exceptional contribution to mission accomplishment, cost effectiveness and service to the public. This award honors Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, a gutsy technology trailblazer and 43-year Navy veteran deeply committed to promoting innovation. The project was at Working Prototype stage when chosen.

  • Excellence in Government
  • 2000 Know Net was named a Finalist for the Excellence in Government Award by the Federal CIO Council, the Industry Advisory Council and the Council for Excellence in Government. The project was at Advanced Prototype stage when chosen.

  • Miles Romney
  • 1999 Know Net Electronic Training and Support Network on the Logistics SuperSite nominated for Miles Romney Award; Awarded Honorable Mention.

Know Net 2™

On March 31, 2008 Know Net completed its service as a Government project due to the reorganization and realignment of its sponsoring component, the Office of Acquisition and Management Policy (OAMP) in the Office of the Secretary, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

We want to take this opportunity to recognize and thank HHS OAMP for nine (9) years of leadership on Know Net.

The Know Net founders completed an assessment and concluded that a continuation project should be begun.

Due to continued interest and demand, Know Net 2™ was founded to continue the e-learniing, knowledge management and performance support work begun in the original Know Net project. Many of the fine organizations and individuals involved in Know Net were involved in Know Net 2™.

Know Net 2™ completed its work in 2015 after seven (7) years of service to make way for the new technology of FedEducation™ beginning with The Federal Logistics/Asset Management Program (External Site):

Thank You!

So we tip our hats with a deep and heartfelt thank you to the truly wonderful individuals and organizations who continue to inspire us in the work we do today!

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